Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Signs of Spring

Well, I thought it might never happen (can't winter be depressing in its will to freeze you down to your soul?), but it's here!  Spring has definitely sprung in Ronda, and I can't get enough!

+Flowering tress, everywhere!  And the lovely scents that come with them.  I particularly enjoy that here in southern Spain they go hand in hand with the palm trees (even in mountainous Ronda).
+Considerably fewer confused looks if I choose nude tights with shorts and no jacket
+Light & Day, Polyphonic style, even a little remains while watching the 9 o'clock news before dinner
+No more hoodies (or hat/scarf/gloves/three extra blankets) for sleeping
+More American Easter candy than I could possibly ever know what to do with, courtesy of the greatest mom in the world (and, I'm convinced, beyond).
+Remembering what it feels like to sweat a little (seriously, after freezing for 5 months straight, I guess I'd forgotten a little bit).
+The newly arrived presence of outdoor seating at all the little bars and cafes
+A somewhat stronger pull coming from the direction of the beautiful Mediterranean coast
+Toenail polish feels more necessary
+Windows open
+The return of a long-missed friend, allergies (I'm realizing I'm definitely not in a beach town like last year, but still nothing like the itchy, red-eyed, sneezy mess I normally turn into when seasons begin to change)
+Flip-flops instead of slippers for hanging around the house (oh how I miss carpet!)
+Laundry dries roughly 12 times faster

I must note, though, this post has been on my mind for a week or so now with the widely-approved arrival of this beautiful season, but as I walked home this evening I noticed the very trees pictured here are already losing their flowers and turning to big bursts of lovely greens... Spring seems to be getting shorter each year, and summer is already hinting at its plans for an early arrival...  How can it possibly be time?

For now, enjoying a couple more sunny Spain days before heading to Scotland with friends for part of Semana Santa with our very own Scottish tour guide.  Stories and photos to follow, I'm sure!